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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Your opinion matters!

India Art n Design strives to bring you a better design information experience with each issue; an aim that we can accomplish only with your cooperation and hand-holding.

Team IAnD takes this opportunity to thank each of our readers - industry experts and enthusiasts alike - for urging us to remain committed to rousing and satiating your (and our) curiosity as we delve into the fathomless realm of design, hour-after-hour; minute-after-minute, to discerningly cull the best.

We like to keep our pages open to the multifarious opinions of professionals and readers; opinions that have proven to be of great value and support to our continuing success. And so, we invite you, dear reader, to continue writing in to us, as we’d love to hear your thoughts on India Art n Design, what we got right and what needs working on.

Here’s what some of our readers-patrons have to say about us:

A creative and engaging art and design almanac, IAnD grants a great opportunity to access the latest design trends from all around. It's been a delight to have been published in your Ezine too. My best wishes for all future endeavours.
Sumessh Menon
Founder & Design Director
Sumessh Menon Associates

I really enjoyed working with India Art n Design(dot)com. They truly understand how Art and Design, when coming together, can empower our cultural and social well being.
Mark Humphrey
Mark Humphrey Ltd., London

IAnD is a formidable forum, where one can find latest updates pertaining to the world of Art, Architecture & Interiors. We found this platform very helpful in promoting our brand amongst consultants, designers and artists seeking excellent and innovative products.

The ezine is a refreshing take on the current goings-on in design. A dedicated & beautiful effort towards sharing developments in design in the Indian and global spheres on a common platform.

We wish team IAnD best of luck towards stimulating and nurturing creativity within the Interiors fraternity globally.
Ajay Aggarwal
Managing Director
Action TESA

“India Art n Design(dot)com has always been a good read. One of the very first Indian ezines, which features diversified art and design projects across the globe. They have constantly evolved with time.”
Krupa & Zubin Zainuddin
Principal Architects
ZZ Architects- Mumbai

IAnD is a very well curated page for all design & architecture enthusiasts, who want to keep up to date with the best projects being designed worldwide and prefer clean and crisp writing that accompanies all these projects. We wish IAnD all the very best for the future and hope they keep up the good work.”
Neha Bhardwaj-Gaurav Kapoor
Principal Architects
Layers Studio for Design & Architecture Greater Noida

“I really like your magazine. I am very curious to see more art and architecture coming from India, also in interaction with international artworks”.
Baptiste Debombourg
Installation Artist 

“It is the language - crisp, clear and interesting - that attracts the reader to 'India Art n Design'. Quality always pays dividends!! I wish the India Art n Design Team the very best. May you grow by leaps and bounds and continue to stimulate and nurture the creativity within all of us!”
Preetam T. Gulrajani
Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant & Adivsory 
Global Academy of Metamind Management 

“IAnD is surely a media-rich local and global design resource, with very informative, inspiring and exceptional content and updates that are the forefront of design excellence. I appreciate your effort to encourage established and upcoming talent in the field of architecture, interiors and art. I am sure your reach and popularity would find new highs...”
Ajay Suryawanshi
Principal Architect
Ajay Suryawanshi Architects Nashik

“India Art n Design is an interesting and well- curated design portal with a thoughtful and unique approach to their articles. Not only is it a great platform for designers to showcase their work and impart information, it also reaches out to people beyond the design realm. IAnD has showcased two of our projects and we loved the way they were described in an ingenious style like a story unfolding with a right mixture of photographs and text. The ezine is engaging and it showcases work both, local and international, being truly glocal. We are grateful to be associated with IAnD and thereby with such talented peers in the design community.”

Sameer & Shilpa Balvally

Principal Architects

Studio Osmosis Mumbai

“I am very glad that finally we have a design magazine, which publishes realistic and sensible works of design. A culmination of raw and new talents will definitely help young designers and architects to gain inspiration for their work, and India Art and Design is doing a great job at this. All the very best for your further endeavours.”
Ar. Ashish Bhuvan
Sustainable Design Expert
IdeinLab Architects, Bangalore

“India Art & design covers the best of the product, people & philosophy at the tip of creativity. It offers a concise & curated insight into modern design with a clear vision that the discipline deserves”.
Jayesh Shah
Principal Architect
Jayesh Shah Architects Mumbai

"In one word IAnD is 'Superb'. I like the presentation and the layout of the features. I would give the ezine a 5 /5 on all parameters - visual appeal, content quality, et al. I wish them all the very best!"
Parag Pandya
Interior Designer
Haus Kraft 

“We are really thrilled to learn that India Art n Design ezine has reached great heights. The articles are interesting and very informative too. We look forward to receiving it regularly and wish you all the very best."”
Mr. B. Ramgopal
Principal Consultant
Navale Consulting Group

“IAnD has created a dynamic platform for ideation and exhibiting innovative designs from India and abroad.”
Ar. Brinda Somaya & Ar. Nandini Somaya Sampat
Principal Architect & Architectural Interior Designer
Somaya & Kalappa Consultants Mumbai

"India Art n Design is very informative about design happenings all over the world. Well researched material keeps you waiting for the next post."
Shailesh Veera
Principal Architect
Spirit Architecture, Mumbai

"A fantastic platform, where design and art meet. Wish you the best in future endeavours"
Arbaysis Ashley
Co-Founder & Partner
The Ashleys

India Art n Design is in a single word - 'Engaging'. I'd give it a 4 on 5 for its content quality and visual impact. The best thing I like about the ezine is the variety of the articles; and simple and clear presentation of the website is good. One definite suggestion - maybe have a section dedicated for student work from various design institutes (especially NID and the like…). We need to give our students’ work more exposure…..and understand design education in India. I wish IAnD all the very best! Keep up the good work; budding young entrepreneurs need to be aware of websites like yours.
Raul D’souza 
Area Manager - India, Sub-continent & Gulf 
Istituto Marangoni, Milan

One of my favourite childhood tales, which I never tired off was how the weaver bird fixed glow worms to her cow-pat-encrusted nest to attract the Goddess of wealth, when She was on her earthly sojourn one moonless night. 
India Art & Design is so much like the feathered friend. It is practical, artistic and above all inspirational. May the e-zine rise from strength to strength and be known for being a resource centre par excellence as well in the days to come.
Ms. Ishani Chakravorty 
Woodland Works (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"Thank you for giving a platform for Indian designers from various fields and providing an insight into where design is going internationally. Team India Art n Design, keep up the good work!"
Ar. Sunil Pillai 
Owner & Principal Architect 
Sunil Pillai Associates

“A judicious mix of architectural & interior design projects, product design, art & events from within India & other countries defines India Art n Design, making it an extremely interesting and informative ezine that I look forward to pursuing every week.”
Ar. Sanjay Puri
Principal Architect
Sanjay Puri Architects - Mumbai 

"The content at India Art n Design is great. In my opinion, the images could be much much bigger; let's say one image entire length of the page, which also acts as a story break. The title can then come below… Yellow could be a nice accent colour or the Indian saffron orange instead of the indigo colour. A section for cutting-edge materials/construction techniques would be a nice addition.
Ar. Amit Gupta
Co-Founder & Partner
Studio Symbiosis, Delhi

"India Art n Design is an incredible database and resource that covers a wide range of scales within the pantheon of design with a focus on the Indian"
Kayzad Shroff
Principal at Shroffleon
Visiting Lecturer at the Kamla Raheja Institute of Architecture and the Academy of Architecture

"India Art n Design is a vibrant, responsive and responsible ezine that is appreciative and aware about Indian art and design. A must for all those interested in India."
Kiran Kalamdani
Partner, Architect, Urban Designer, Conservation Expert & Interior Desiger
Kimaya Architects,  Pune

"Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura consider your website very interesting and beautiful."
Serena Vergano
Press & Publications Manager
Ricardo Bofill Taller De Arquitectura

"We have always loved reading the very curated articles from India Art n Design. The new tiled layout makes it simpler and easier to navigate through the website. The content is a rich source of inspiring designs and keeps us updated with latest trends."
Mr. Prashant Chauhan 
Creative Director 

India Art n Design ezine is very interesting, well done and with a lot of very interesting topics. It gives a very international idea of contemporary design. Compliments!
Giulio Cappellini 
Art Director 
Cappellini & Istituto Marangoni

"India Art n Design does not only describe various architectural practises and their work but also critically describes overall design movement around the world, news and 'less obvious' design direction"
Abin Chaudhuri 
Founder & Principal-Architect 
Abin Design Studio

"Art and design is a yardstick for measuring civility of a society. India Art n Design is an excellent platform for cogent dialogue between art connoisseurs, designers and artists seeking excellence."
Ramprasad Akkisetti 
Founder & Managing Director 
Christopher Charles Benninger Architects Private Limited

"IAnD is a unique ezine as it knows the pulse of the design fraternity. It is a very forward-looking magazine with a keen sense of what is happening in the country and the scene internationally"
Shabnam Gupta 
Principal Designer & Creator
The Orange Lane & The Peacock Life

“India Art and Design gives a detailed and inventive vision on the state of today’s architecture and interior design. I always enjoy the moment of reading its new articles”
Alberto Apostoli 
Architect, Interior Designer, Product Designer, Spa Designer & Consultant
Alberto Apostoli-Architecture & Design, Italy

"First of all let me thank you for mailing me all your articles, which inspires me a lot being an Architect. I must appreciate almost all articles give an insight to new concepts in Art – Architecture & Interiors World. While reading, I always feel I have to still learn so much in this Industry; this keeps me attentive to new approach towards designing & execution." Congratulations & All the Best for your India Art n Design ezine.
Sudhir Soundalgekar 
Customer Care Associate & Head – Lifestyle & Specialty Projects 
Shoppers’Stop, Mumbai

“We have followed up materials and publications for quite a long time and have noticed high level of the published projects and serious informational content of the provided materials. We are very glad that our actual cooperation started in 2014 with first publication of our project on your website (SKA Hockey team Sports Complex). This experience appeared to be successful. Our project attracted interest of the India Art n Design visitors and members. Cooperation with the website managers was also very effective and helpful and showed high professional attitude of your specialists. We hope to continue our cooperation in 2015. As architects we are very interested in the foreign partners’ and colleagues’ opinion about our projects. Such communicational experience is valuable and important for us. A.Len team would like to express our gratitude to the India Art n Design specialists. We congratulate you with the New Year and wish your company prosperity, new bright ideas, partners and friends in 2015!"
Sergey Oreshkin
CEO & Chief Architect 
A.Len Archit

"India Art n Design has become synonymous with the words 'innovative' and 'design'. Regular uploading of various design-related topics, thereby creating awareness and vision is the hallmark."
Ar. Bankim Dave 
Architect & Interior Designer 
Immediate Past President of Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) * Past Chairman - Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA)

"In one word – India Art n Design is ‘inspiring’! I was very happy with the way of quick communication and the great article that indiaartndesign published about our project, the National Military Museum. It tends to publish a mix of projects. I love the internationality!”
Hannah Geerdink 
Public Relations and Business Development 
Kossmann Dejong Exhibition Architects

"India Art n Design is a formidable forum for all artists and designers from every related industry. This is a great space for exposure to a variety of art forms and for both novices as well as veterans. It is great how you keep on top of all the latest trends both, nationally and internationally - this ensures a way for all in the arts to keep abreast of everything going on around them. A fabulous effort. Keep it up!"
Jaisim Krishna Rao
Founder, Architect & Professor
Jaisim - Fountainhead

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bidding Adieu to 2014!

As we wind up for the fulfilling year that was, we step out of our customary thank you’s to acknowledge how much strength you all – our readers, our architect/ designer friends, the fraternity of art and design and our advertisers  - have given us to constantly strive to bring you the most-sought-after stories from the world of design. Our sincere gratitude to you all for reposing your valued trust in IAnD and helping us raise the bar!

We also take this opportunity to thank our team of writers, whose dedication has helped IAnD raise its content to almost a feature-a-day. Yes, folks, if you feel that you are seeing a bit more of IAnD in your inboxes, it’s thanks to our enterprising team, who strive to keep you well-connected with the on-goings of the art and design worlds. Frankly, with so so much happening around the world, it still is hard to keep you completely informed, but we hope we’ve set a good precedent of dissemination that not only disallows you to miss out on anything significant; it also ensures that you get the best in the least possible time spent online.

Bidding adieu to 2014 and welcoming new beginnings in 2015,  Team IAnD wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas & a Joyous & Successful New Year!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 - A milestone year

We wish you all a joyous, dazzling New Year 2014!

Before we start of the New Year with a host of exciting features for you, Team extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you, who have stood by us, through our great and not-so-good days, firmly holding our hands up the steady ladder of success.

2013 was an eventful year – very positive, much energised., the two-year old online magazine on Lifestyle, Art & Design was ranked among the top 10,000 websites in India at the close of 2013 and is touching the lives of professionals and layman alike, in 70+ countries.

2013 indiaartndesign glimpses of the year that was
2013 - Glimpses

To enumerate our major achievements:

IAnD saw its first international participation marking the debut of the IndiaPavilion at the London Design Festival showcasing various designers, artists’ and grassroots innovators.

IAnD’s first Online Contest ‘Wrap to Win’ touched the lives of the commoners, giving them a chance to showcase their creative skills at gift wrapping and won them prizes – spearheading our events in cyber space.

IAnD’s ongoing Design Education Special spread over December’13 and January’14, powered by Istituto Marangoni, with design schools in Milan, Paris, London & Shanghai, is a large collective to equip young design enthusiasts choose a career in Design.

Today, is growing rapidly with designers wanting us to feature their projects, helping us bring to the world the pride of fine art, design and architecture. 2014 is expected to be yet another year of new experiences, new connections, a rise on the learning curve and some significant milestones!

It is our sincere request that you, our patrons, continue to give us your feedback, taking us from strength to strength. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our First Milestone

Dear Patrons, 

Season’s Greetings from Team IAnD! It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Your comments, suggestions, praise keep the fire burning and inspire us to continuously work on raising the bar. 

We’ve just accomplished our first milestone – our first international participation has been a great success. Quick recap – India Art n Design joined hands with Designersblock to showcase a select contingent of Indian artists and designers at the London Design Festival that concluded on Sept.22, 2013. Detailed stories on each of our participants here:
Facebook event page giving you every day updates in pictures here:

We are all geared up to make our 2014 London Design Festival participation a roaring success. We invite you – interior, product, fashion, jewellery, graphic, furniture designers; artists, sculptors, muralists, ceramists; and architects to write in with your enquires to . Let us together make the India Pavilion proud on the international turf.

Keep the bouquets coming. We love being pampered by you…